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Throughout the domestic beauty industry, analyze the development of entrepreneurship

Throughout the domestic beauty industry, analyze the development of entrepreneurship

2016/06/03 16:46
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Throughout the domestic beauty industry, although the business has done a good job, but the annual sales of more than 100 million enterprises are few and far, and most companies are only squatting in the millions. Why is the beauty salon brand not as fast as the Japanese brand? (Although the performance of Soft Ting is good, after more than ten years of exploration and benefit from the franchise model), this model can be popular, like the previous "Qiya" and "Special Levi" and so on have been very popular.

The professional line brand operation mode adopts agency marketing, and the provincial agent is the main mode. The operating strength of the agent determines the operating performance of the manufacturer. A provincial agent can achieve a performance of 1 million yuan a year. The terminal beauty salon determines the operating performance of the intermediate agent. In the final analysis, the performance of the beauty salon determines the manufacturer. The business performance, professional line brand profit is high but not easy to produce. The performance of the upstream beauty salons of the terminal beauty salons is certainly not good. The reason why beauty salons do not depend on manufacturers and agents, but the beauty salon itself has many problems that are difficult to crack!

The reason is that the industry threshold is too low, leading to the flooding of stores: opening a beauty salon with two beds of two beauticians (upstairs and downstairs), and then acting for a brand with an investment of no more than 50,000 yuan, some beauty salons The total investment is not even 30,000 yuan. If you open a shop in a beauty salon in a township, you can't use a total investment of 10,000 yuan. Such a low threshold for employment leads to some people who will not do anything. People without occupations have opened gold salons in beauty salons, and some have had some experience as beauticians. They feel that it is easy to start a beauty salon. Boss, how can such a group of people manage the beauty salon?

Reason 2: The education level is too low to control the store: Most beauty salon owners have not received higher education, generally primary school, junior high school, secondary school level, with junior college level, which is rare, some of them have not read in junior high school. Finish. The boss’s lack of knowledge is short-sighted, and the level of education is at the bottom of the society. How can the store be done to make the business bigger? In today’s era of knowledge explosion, knowledge does not necessarily make things better, let alone some semi-literate states. A group of people with low professional quality, how can they manage the store well?

The third reason is that the management quality is low and the management level is lacking: because the operator's goal is only to earn money, he has something to do, and he does not have to go to work to be bound by others to open the store. He has never done the beauty salon as a lifelong pursuit. Just think of the store as a tool to maintain your own survival. They just want to make money in order to change their lives, but also want to open the store but only stay on the level of thinking. The vast majority of store owners do not have the ability to manage and manage, nor do they understand business planning, let alone the marketing of the store and the market. Zizi: It depends on it, and it depends on it; What will happen to it? The location of the store to make money is positioned at the level of raising a family, the store will never do well, and finally can only close the door or transfer the house!

Reason 4: I don't think about progress and lack professionalism: Most beauty salon owners don't like to learn, and think that learning is a beautician's business. Even if agents invite to go out to study, they are mainly based on play and tourism. Real knowledge. The owner of the shop is engaged in a beautiful industry. The boss and the beautician are not eager to meet the customers. They are rough and go to the customer to do the beauty and do the body project. The boss himself is a big fat man, but how good the weight loss effect of the brand he manages all day long, Let the customer feel relieved; the store owner’s face is full of spots, but the customer promises how many days to get rid of the spots; he is a yellow-faced wrinkle to promote his product whitening and moisturizing, anti-aging wrinkles The effect is remarkable. Such a store business is absolutely not good, customers will leave her sooner or later, the store will close down sooner or later! You can sum up, the local first-class beauty salon, the boss's professionalism and personal image, must also be first-class is impeccable!